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Own bred bulls with 60"+ potential


This young bull has exceeded all expectations so far and keeps growing exponentially! He is showing the beautiful figure 8 horn shape, with a deep curl. His name represents his endurance, or determined energy attributed to the defenders of ancient Troy.

Wit 4.jpg


Rex means the ruler of kingdoms, and we sure hope this bull will be the monarch over his cows. He already has the poise of a KING, as he struts around. His horns are growing remarkably making him the true royal he already is.


Green 4

A Commander son sure to make heads turn. He is growing at the speed any breeder would dream his bulls will excel with. Still very young and ample time to show us what will become of this lovely bull.

Green 4_edited.jpg


We cannot wait to see where this bull will end up. He is the epiphany of prestigious, always head high and in a pose. His name is Magneto, as he always generates a strong force to draw your attention towards him.



Jupiter was chosen as breeding bull as he will definitely reach +60", at only 5 years already measuring 55 4/8". His name represents the planet Jupiter as they both share the vast existence and composure of magnificence.



This bull is sure to make waves, as he is already showing boundless promise. Measuring 48 2/8" at only 3 years and 5 months. His name was chosen as Neptune, which represents the ancient Roman god of the sea. His presence signifies the mighty roar of the ocean.

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