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Meet the bulls

Every farm deserves a big Kudu bull!


63 4/8" at 99 months (Aug 2023)

Simson was bred by well known Dries Visser Game Breeders. He is a Hercules (68") son who proudly follows in his father's notorious namesake, who has passed. Thus these genetics are no longer available in the future.

His name comes from Simson (Afrikaans) in the Bible with his extra-ordinary long horns giving him the essence of power, resembling Simson's powerful long hair.


60 7/8" at 87 months (Aug 2023)

Commander shapes his name with his presence of authority and royal class. He is one of only a few sons left of world famous Mr. Wow (77"), who's genetics are very scarce as he is no longer with us.  Mr. Wow is known as the largest kudu bull in the world with last measurement being 76". Commander was bred and sold by Elandsberg Nature Reserve and Tembani Wildlife (Rooiberg).

Prince Grace

64 4/8" at 84 months (Aug 2023)

With his spectacular horns presenting a deep curl, Prince Grace is the emblem of grace and majesty. He rose from the ashes like a phoenix, as he grew up on the rural grasslands of the Springbokvlakte. Exposed to all the harsh conditions that nature and man could throw at him, such as game traps and famine eating habits. After his relocation in 2019 to the WKBP he gracefully grew into the proud breeding bull he is today.


Magneto is born and bred from the original bloodlines of Waterberg Kudu Breeding genetics.  He is the epiphany of prestigious, always head high and in a stance. His name is Magneto, as he always generates a strong force to draw your attention towards him. 


This young bull is the first of Prince Grace' sons to be selected, and he will surely follow in his father's footsteps. He has exceeded all expectations so far and keeps growing exponentially! Showing the beautiful figure 8 horn shape, the sought after deep curl. His name represents his endurance, or determined energy attributed to the defenders of ancient Troy. 


55 4/8" at 66 months (Jun 2023)

Jupiter was chosen as a breeding bull with high regards, as he is one of Waterberg Kudu Breeding Project's own bulls.  Still very young and already showing great potential to grow into an outstanding bull.  His name represents the planet Jupiter as they both share the vast existence and composure of magnificence.

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