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Waterberg Kudu Breeding Project

Giant Kudu Genetics

Service Partners


Parys Dierekliniek

Dr. Jan Fouché Swanepoel

Parys Animal Clinic is a mixed veterinary practice. We look after the needs of dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, horses, game, birds and exotics. 

Dr. Jan Fouché Swanepoel - 082 569 4858

Dr Ampie Viljoen.jpg

Dr. Ampie Viljoen


Dr. Ampie Viljoen (BVSc.)

All veterinary services with special interest in orthopaedics.


Dr. Ampie Viljoen -  083 264 6771

Wildlife Nutrition Services logo.jpg

Wildlife Nutrition Services

Craig Shepstone

Game / Wildlife Nutrition consultation and feed formulation is my passion.

My focus is to help the farmer, game farmer, game reserve with the correct advice and supplementation for the specific needs on their premises. 

I, Craig Alan Shepstone owner of Wildlife Nutrition Services, received my Bachelor of Science degree in Animal and Pasture Science at the University of Pretoria in 2005, I am currently registered as a Professional Animal Scientist (BSc Agric (Animal Science/Veekunde "Pri.Sci.Nat" (400012/10)).

The focus is helping the farm/ reserve with ecologically based feed management systems, designing supplementation or feed that suite the farm/reserves requirements, using water, soil, grass and the particular specie of animals' requirements as a guideline. The company focuses on designing feed and geed management systems for herbivores, where game and livestock kept extensively and intensively are the focus.

The company works in collaboration with a network of Veterinarians and Ecologists.

Craig Shepstone - 083 305 1380

DeRyn Financial services.jpg

DeRyn Financial Services

Dewaldt van Rhyn

Wealth and retirement advisors since 1994.

Dewaldt van Rhyn - 083 271 8110


VNM Wildlife Insurance

Alwyn Peens

WNM Insurance Brokers is a leading provider of short-term Insurance solutions designed for each of your individual needs since 2004.

Alwyn Peens - 072 454 4419



Unistel Medical Laboratories

Unistel Medical Laboratories specialize in the following wildlife testing 

1. DNA Profile Testing and Parentage Verification

2.Origin Testing

3. Color Variants

4. Diversity Index

Johanita Schoeman - 021 007 5616 



Advanced Livestock and Game/Wildlife Management Software

BenguFarm is an all-in-one on-farm professional livestock and game/wildlife management software package. It is the ideal management software for precision farming. BenguFarm is developed by BenguelaSoft, a South African company specializing in livestock and game software for over 15 years. The program was developed specifically to meet the needs of the Southern African stud breeder and commercial producer. The software is divided into different modules, namely for beef cattle, sheep and goats, game, pigs and also a breeding module called Genetics. All these modules are developed on the same basis, which means that someone who already knows one module will very easily master one of the other modules. An Android and iOS app, BenguFarm Mobile, is also available to be used with the beef, sheep and goats, and game (only Android) modules.

Leslie Bergh - 082 801 2026



Wildlife Management Simplified

Managing thousands of animals. With Gamelab your animals are always close to you. Any time. Anywhere. On any device with web access. Loved by farmers nationwide and trusted by South African's top game breeders.

Johann Reyneke - 074 104 5000

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